About Volunteers

About Volunteers

Q: What is GFC's mission?

A: Through first-class vocational training and the opportunity to obtain a college-level degree at low to zero cost, GFC provides outstanding students from poor families in Guizhou and its surrounding provinces with the tools they need to improve their living standards by obtaining meaningful employment.

Q: Who can volunteer at GFC?

A: GFC accepts teachers and interns from China and all over the world. Please see the 'Requirements' section under the 'Volunteers' tab for further details on the attributes needed to qualify as a GFC volunteer.

Q: What are some benefits of volunteering at GFC?

A: Not only does a volunteer contribute to improving the lives of many students by equipping them with new skills, they too will grow significantly as a person. In addition, all volunteers are provided with free accommodations, basic health insurance, and a monthly stipend. Volunteers who stay for at least one year will be reimbursed for round-trip travel to Guizhou.

Q: What types of accommodations can volunteers expect to receive?

A: Volunteers and interns are provided with fully furnished rooms, often in shared apartments, with heating and cooling systems, showers, a TV, refrigerator, etc.

Q: Must I be a native English speaker to volunteer at GFC?

A: While GFC would prefer native speakers for English instruction, we appreciate that there are many non-native speakers who have mastered the English language. We encourage everyone with advanced English to apply, and particularly those who are TEFL/TESOL certified. Please see the 'Volunteer' section for more details.

Q: What are some challenges that volunteers may face?

A: When volunteers initially arrive in Guizhou, many are not accustomed to the local food, and particularly the spice used in much of the region's cuisine. Most will find, however, that over time their taste buds adjust and their tolerance for spicy foods increases. Additionally, language barriers can be challenging when volunteers first arrive. However, with free Chinese lessons offered, many are able to have basic conversations with students within the first semester.

Q: What are the school surroundings like?

A: GFC is located in Bai Niao He Scenic Area (Hundred Birds Creek), a lush, green, mountainous area approximately 20 minutes outside of the county town of Huishui, and around 1.5 hours south of the provincial capital, Guiyang. There are beautiful waterfalls, rice fields, hiking trails, and small villages surrounding the school grounds.

Q: What is the climate like in Guizhou?

A: Guizhou is known for being quite humid all year round, with summer temperatures reaching the low 30'C / 82'F and winter temperatures dropping down to 5'C / 40'F. There is ample rainfall particularly in the summer months, but also plenty of sunlight.