Summer Program


Summer Combined Internship and Guizhou Experience Program:

As suggested by the name, this program aims to combines elements of service learning, language, and cultural study to provide the best experience for someone interested in acquiring more of an understanding of the Chinese culture and to obtain valuable work experience while working at GFC. The program includes a full-time Internship period and a Summer Study period.


This program allows you to interact and associate with the Chinese students in a teacher's perspective, as well as to explore Guizhou, China. This program is a structured course that encourages hands on experience with the local Guizhou culture and Chinese courses for international students.


For the volunteer internship service provided, the school grants the participants a 100% waiver on lodging, as well as a discount on the program fee. We appreciate those who come to help our students learn more of the English language. The discounted program fee that you pay will also be used towards the scholarship fund for the underprivileged Chinese students at GFC. 


Program Length: Variable between 4-6 weeks

Dates: Between May to Mid August

Discounted Program Fee: 1430 RMB (~230 USD)

Registration Fee: 200 RMB (~32 USD)

Insurance Fee: 240 RMB (~39 USD)


For more details, click here: Combined Program

To apply, please fill out the following forms: Student Application and Summer Intern Application