Our Impact

Our Impact

Guizhou Forerunner College has changed many students' lives. Many of them meet foreigners for the first time in their life on GFC campus. The professional skills, and especially character building, learned at GFC help these students change from shy and ignorant teenagers to professionals in the workforce. GFC has also earned many recognitions by the local and provincial authorities including:

  • Charismatic English Teachers' Camp
  • "Green University"
  • Strongest international team in Guizhou Education

Guizhou Forerunner College had its first year of graduates in 2014.

Some of our graduates and students who are working on their internship, receive a salary of over 10,000 RMB a month; becoming stars at their company.

Many of our students have decided to show their appreciation for GFC by donating a small amount of money back to GFC after they enter their internships or graduate and are earning handsome money.

The college organizes Charismatic English Teachers' Training Camp every year for students to participate in the week long activities with international volunteers and students to rural Guizhou English teachers. Many of them have little to none speaking abilities and this camp offers the students the opportunity to experience western culture, interact with international volunteers, and receive advice regarding teaching techniques. This camp has been a great experience for the participants. The reward they obtain while serving younger students has a powerful influence on them; many of them tear up when departing with the international volunteers at the conclusion of the camp.

GFC is committed to a low-carb lifestyle and promotes environmental protection. Because of these healthier initiatives, GFC was officially recognized as the only Green Campus in the Qiannan prefecture.

So far GFC has had over 100 international volunteers and interns, or students, who have contributed their talents to the cause of GFC. Their time in China is one of the most unforgettable experience that these volunteers have and their service is likewise a benefit for the college. GFC continuously strives to create an international campus for the success of the local community. GFC is actively working to attract international talents to bring diversity to the campus and provide a window for the outside world to look into one of China's interior regions. GFC's Foreign Affairs Department has been recognized as an "Outstanding Foreign Affairs Administration" by the province three years in a row. This honorable recognition helps motivate our staff and volunteers to make GFC a great success as the college’s pioneers.