The VIA Faith-Hope-Love Non-Profit Foundation was founded in February 2009 with the purpose and goal of improving the living conditions of disadvantaged individuals in the rural areas of China, as well as assisting with post-disaster reconstruction projects throughout the country. The Foundation contributes to programs in fields of education, medical care, housing, and science and technology. It aims to actively carry out its numerous charitable activities and programs with the help of generous donations. 

Cher Wang

Cher Wang graduated from the University of California, Berkeley in 1981 with a Masters in Economics. She founded VIA Technologies in 1988 and HTC in 1997. Ms. Wang is the current CEO of both VIA Technologies and HTC, as well as chairwoman of the boards of Xander Electronics and Chander Electronics. Her successes in the business world have been numerous, making her one of the top five wealthiest individuals in Taiwan since 2001. She was named a “Top 10 Asian Business Women” by the Wall Street Journal and one of the “60 Most Influential Philanthropists in China" by another source. Ms. Wang is a very loving person who is committed to contributing to society, and set up VIA Faith-Hope-Love Non-Profit Foundation as a means to help children living in underdeveloped mountainous areas and support many public welfare programs in mainland China.

Wen-Chi Chen

Wen-Chi graduated with a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Taiwan University. He also pursued a Master’s degree of Calculator Science at the California Institute of Technology. He began his career at GTE Research Lab, and later Intel, Wyse Technology, and ULSI. In 1989, Mr. Chen was general manager and later CEO at Symphony Lab. He is presently the general manager of VIA Technologies Electronics Co., a position that has earned him legendary status in the IT industry. Over the ten years Mr. Chen has led VIA Technologies, it has developed into a very well-known and respected electronic semiconductor professional design company not just in Taiwan, but also internationally. He has been named one of the “Top 50 World's Most Influential IT Heroes" by American People’s Magazine.