About the Region


About the region

Q: Where is the college?
A: GFC is located in the Bainiaohe (Hundred Birds') Scenic Area in Huishui County, Qiannan Buyei and Miao Autonomous Prefecture of the Guizhou Province, China.

Q: Where is Guizhou?
A: Guizhou province is located in the southwestern region of China. It is south of Sichuan, east of Yunnan, north of Guangxi, and west of Hunan. Guizhou’s coordinates are
26°50′N 106°50′E.

Q: What is the weather like in Guizhou?
A: Guizhou has a subtropical humid climate. Its summer temperature is averaged between 23°C to 27°C, making it one of the favorite summer get-away destinations for people living in the harsher climates of some of China's other provinces.

Q: Why should we help Guizhou?
A: Of China's 32 provinces, Guizhou Province is ranked the lowest in terms of the GDP Index per capita. Its per capita GDP of RMB 19,566 (3,100 USD) ranks last in all of the People’s Republic of China (PRC). Guizhou is the second lowest on the Human Development Index and third lowest on the Education Index (UNESCO,'Human Development Report, 2005'). Its average annual per capita income is about $180 - $250 USD.

http://chinatoday.com/city/guizhou_pictures/guizhou_north_farmland.jpgQ: Would I enjoy the Guizhou Province?

A: Overall, the province is mountainous and extremely green. This region is a great location for those who are adventurous and/or desire a more relaxing province in China. GFC is surrounded by mountains and a river separates the college from the road, increasing the relaxing calmness of the environment. This location is ideal for those who enjoy a quieter atmosphere and are hungry for exploration! Note that Guizhou is one of the poorer regions in China, but it offers all the basic standard of living people enjoy in larger cities such as electricity, internet, warm showers, etc.

Q: Why is it called the Qiannan Buyei and Miao Autonomous Prefecture?
A: Ethnic Han Chinese only compose 43.37% of the total population of the prefecture. People of the Buyi and Miao ethnicities compose 32.46% and 13.37% respectively. With the majority belonging to ethnic minorities, though highly Sinicized, the area offers many interesting non-Han Chinese cultures and customs.

Q: How is transportation near the college?

A: GFC has a free bus running once a day between the college and Guiyang on weekends. The journey takes between an hour and 40 minutes (one-way) from GFC to the capital city Guiyang. A public bus service runs between the Huishui town and the college several times daily. The fare is 3RMB for one way. A public bus also serves the route between Huishui and Guiyang throughout the day which costs 15RMB one way. 

Q: What is the cuisine of the region like?
A: Similar to its neighbors, Guizhou's cuisine is known for its extensive use of spices. It is commonly said that the Sichuan region eats 'numbing and hot', the Yunnan region eats 'sweet and hot', the Hunan region eats 'dry and hot', and the Guizhou region eats 'sour and hot'. Guizhou also has many local delicacies and specialties in its various regions such as the 'silk doll' of Guiyang. If you do not like spicy food, then make sure you tell the person serving you or prepare to drink a lot of water!


Q: What type of souvenirs are available to buy in Guizhou?
http://ts3.mm.bing.net/th?id=JN.qqIx3Uezk3W6uTseVPzB1Q&pid=15.1A: There are many traditional products that are produced by people form the ethnic minorities of Guizhou. These unique artifacts are of great interest to visitors from outside the province. The most famous are the Buyi minority's wax-dyed textiles, the Miao minority's silver crafts, and Guizhou's unique culinary products.