College Mission & Special Features


Subsidized education to help the poor

Guizhou Forerunner College (GFC) provides college-level degrees and first-class vocational training to students from impoverished families who live in Guizhou and the surrounding provinces in China. GFC offers these students with vocational training in various fields at low to zero cost, in hopes to provide them with the tools necessary to expand their educational background and improve their standard of living. 

1) GFC is a non-profit institution. All donations are invested solely in programs for students and the college community. There are no financial returns for investors.

2) GFC makes education accessible to students of all income levels.  Over one-third of the students receive full-tuition scholarships. One-third of students receive half-tuition scholarships.  In addition, many underprivileged students receive allowances to assist with living costs.

3) To help the students rise above the poverty level, GFC is dedicated to achieve our goal of ‘employment of every student', following their graduation at GFC.

Exercise innovation in vocational education

(1) GFC’s motto of 'Integrity, Love, Nobility', reflects its goal to cultivate well-rounded individuals who are passionate, physically and mentally strong, to be socially responsible, promote integrity, possess a strong work ethic, and demonstrate gratitude. An emphasis of these characteristics forms the foundation of GFC's continuous goal to revolutionize higher education in China.

(2) In contrast with a strictly grade-orientated education model, GFC emphasizes the learning of practical and employable skills from the proven educational methods used by senior trainers from prominent corporations.

(3) The college recruits a number of international volunteers to teach English to GFC's students. The English language is regarded as an asset for all, but particularly for those in the Hotel Management field.

(4) Students are required to actively participate in experiential work and learning around campus in order to cultivate a strong work ethic, develop self-governance, self-restraint, and self-discipline. GFC desires our students to develop the necessary skills and attributes to help them uphold a high level of professionalism.

Provide opportunities to visually impaired students

Working closely in cooperation with the Chinese Red-Cross Foundation Blind Angel Fund, GFC aims to establish itself as a world-class institution to help visually impaired students build confidence and independence, as well as develop the professional skills, which may be necessary for the individual to lead a fulfilling life.

A network of global charitable resources

GFC receives generous support and donations from numerous international institutions, businesses, and individuals. Among many of GFC’s donors, these are some main sources of funding which helps GFC improve the lives of the more impoverished people in China which are: the Marriott Hotel Group, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, HTC, Lenovo, and Nielson. GFC is very grateful for all of the donations to help increase the educational opportunity for less fortunate students and to help increase the standard of living within China.