Chinese Red Cross Bright Angel Foundation Cooperates with GFC in Creating the Bright Angel School for the Blind, and Provides Full-Bright Scholarship for all the Blind Students

[Author]Zhang Yan [Source]Original [Date]2012-06-01



The Chinese Red Cross Bright Angel Foundation (BAF) cooperates with GFC to set up the Bright Angel School for the Blind, officially to start recruiting blind and visually impaired students in 2012. BAF will pay all of the tuition and provide students with financial difficulties living subsidies.

About BAF
There are more than 40 million blind people around the world, in China alone, there are 16.91 million, 42% of the total. 85% of them live in rural areas. Madam Yang Fumei saw many blind people who are desperate for care and help with their life, psychology, education and career. On the other hand, most young blind people are diligent and hard-working. Therefore she initiated the BAF under the Chinese Red Cross on May 14th 2007. The foundation concentrates on the following four key points in order to serve the blind in their welfare, life quality and to help them enjoy their lives. The main goal of BAF is to provide professional training for the blind between 16 and 30, to develop their potentials, to push for welfare for the blind, and to encourage them to be confident, self-respectful, independent and sympathetic. The foundation wish to help the blind to establish their own family and career so that they can change from “excluded by the society” to “part of the society” and finally “contribute to the society.”


[Translation] Chris Wu