Why study abroad at GFC?



The Chinese Ethnic Culture Practice Center, also known as the Chinese Center, is the International Student Division of Guizhou Forerunner College. The Center is responsible for the on-site education of the international students who come from across the globe to participate in GFC's program. Some available courses are Mandarin Chinese class (speaking, listening, reading, and writing), Chinese culture, and Chinese history. In addition, our international students experience unique classes focused on understanding and participating in the culture and art of Guizhou's ethnic minority peoples.


In keeping with the ethos of GFC, the tuition fees paid by visiting international students are designated for the scholarships that are rewarded to underprivileged Chinese students who, in their time at the college, display an outstanding willingness to learn and contribute to school life. Many of the local students come from poor rural families; thus, GFC strives to provide these students with scholarships as a way to help alleviate poverty now and in the future. We hope that through education, our students will acquire vocational skills to enable them to find more meaningful employment and lasting careers after their graduation.



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Your tuition will become a scholarship for Chinese rural students who come from impoverished background to study at GFC.