2014 Graduation Ceremony

July 05, 2014

 On July 5th, 2014, Guizhou Forerunner College held its first Graduation Ceremony in the Gym. The Ceremony's Emcee was no other than vice-chancellor Yang.

During the Ceremony, Executive Chancellor Dr. Sun Wei gave an excellent speech to encourage the graduates to face their future with courage and integrity even in the face of adversity. Mr. William Peng represented the international volunteers and expressed his care and love for the graduates both as a teacher and a caring senior.

Two Graduting Senior spoke on behalf of their fellow classmates. Susu's speech was calm and touching while Shi Lang's speech was full of emotion, power and influence gaining round after round of plauses. Representing the underclass students, Qing Rui from the Bright Angel College sang a beautiful tribute for her elder brothers and sisters at GFC, wishing them a bright and colorful future.

Last but not least, Dr. Lu and Chancellor Yang told the audience a very special story about Liu Zhengxiang, one of our most beloved student who could not receive the diploma with his fellow classmate. He passed away last year due to lung cancer, but before he ascended to the heavens, he examplified what it is to be a student at GFC, "Integrity, Love and Nobility" are exactly how would anyone describe him in his last days. To remind ourselves of his struggle and his smile, GFC granted him honorary diploma and his story will continue to be told as an inspiration for future students.

  The first graduating class of 2014 had three majors: Hotel Management, Computer Application and Tea Production. We had 170 students coming in in 2011, and after three years of studying and internship, we now have 137 graduates. Among these students, 143 students received full scholarships, making up 84.12% of the total student population; 17 students received half scholarships, making up 10% of the population, so in total scholarships covered 94.12% of the student body.

  Three years ago, on September 22nd, 2011, by the beautiful Hundred Birds Creek, the first non-profit private college in China - Guizhou Forerunner College, was founded by Taiwanese business woman Cher Wang and her husband, Wenqi Chen. Weisheng Faith-Love-Hope Charity Funds donated 180 Millian RMB to create the new college.

  Resonating with Cher Wang and Wenqi Chen's charitable deeds, the college has attracted many domestic and international volunteers to join GFC, including Honorary Professor at Florida State University, BUAA Softwere Academy Chair, Dr. Sun Wei and Tsinghua University Finance and Management Academy Chair Professor Xuping Jiang and others.

Dr. Sun Wei giving the Graduation Address 

Graduation CeremonyCollege leaders handing out the diplomas

Underclass studnet Qing Rui from Bright Angel College sing for the Graduating Class

Graduates signing the "Let Love Flow" Wall

Graduates joining the "Let Love Flow" Plan

Vice Chancellor Yang leading Hotel Management Graduates planting the Charity Tree

Graduates commemorate their GFC Ties through Tree Planting

Today, We Graduate......