Heartwarming Spring Trip: Going into Buyi Village and Bringing Necessary Support to Needy Families

February 02, 2018

February 1st - Upon contact with the local authorities, Vice Principal of Forerunner College Yang ShaoXian along with Office Director Long DuXun, Vice Volunteer Center Director, American volunteer Hugh, Bengali volunteer Reza and I myself begun our trip to WangMo county. We had two objectives for this trip. First, to observe the progress of secondary education in WangMo county, and second, to visit the homes of new students who joined GFC in 2018, to better understand their family situation and also to wish them prosperity for the coming year.


After a 4 hour car ride, we were welcomed by Vice County President Xie JinJin. He introduced us to the conditions of educational progress in WangMo and expressed his wishes to collaborate with GFC to further improve career oriented education. He also expressed interest in forming an association between GFC and three of the secondary schools in WangMo to promote "Education Precision Alleviation Poverty”.



 Photo with WangMo county officials and GFC representatives


During one of the visits to student Lin QiChun’s home, everyone was saddened by the harsh living environment of his family. Despite the worn out surrounding, Lin is constantly smiling. He says with thorough enthusiasm, “I’ve only been at GFC for a semester, however, I feel happier than ever. All the teachers and students care for me and I feel very at ease and at home with them.” Upon our departure, Vice Principal Yang wished his family fortune for the new spring on behalf of the school and encouraged Lin to keep up his work ethic in school to hopefully help alleviate his family from poverty after graduation. 

Photo with Lin QiChun’s family


The next family we visited was student Xiao HeHua’s. Her family lives in a remote village on the outskirts of WangMo county. Everyone in the village was excited by the sight of the foreign volunteers. Xiao was pleasantly surprised see Reza, her English teacher at GFC. Xiao says “Every time there is a school break I always return to my home village. My grandparents are very old and lonely, so I want to spend as much time as possible with them.” Xiao’s mother has to support her family by working in another town, however, she says that every penny that goes into Xiao’s tuition is worth it because Xiao "became more optimistic and outspoken ever since attending GFC.” 

Photo of GFC representatives with Xiao HeHua’s family


At the end of our visit, Hugh expresses his sentiments for this trip: “ This kind of activity is very meaningful because it allows us to see what kind of living conditions the students are in and it adds motivation for me as a volunteer to make a difference.”